Sunday, November 4, 2012

Act Like A Horse. Be Dumb. Just Run.

“Act like a horse.  Be dumb.  Just run.”  - Jumbo Elliott, Hall of Fame, Villanova Track and Field Coach

Finishing kick, with Dad watching on.
While you are overthinking your next move, your competitor is getting stronger, faster and smarter.  While you are putting together more rationale for a plan you are late to launch, your boss is losing confidence in you. While you are procrastinating on a decision, your employees are losing passion for their jobs.

Learning requires three activities:  Insight -> Decision -> Action.  And it has been said that the most critical phase of learning takes place in the “Action” stage, where you can tell who has learned the most by counting who has the most bumps on their foreheads from running into walls.

So tomorrow do something radical:
  • Start your day with a decision.
  • Take a substantial action before your second cup of coffee.
  •  Announce your intention to launch a pilot on that idea you’ve been toying with for a month.
  • Assemble your team and ask them where they think you’ve been a wimp on a decision and then make the decision on the top 3 items before they leave your office.

People love being part of an organization that is moving forward, even if it means bumping into some walls. You’ll love leading one too!