Monday, October 28, 2013

Write Your Own Obituary

“Begin with the end in mind.” – Steven Covey.
This exercise is the ultimate expression of that mindset.

Real personal significance and achievement is unlocked when we envision a desired future and then move forward. Priorities take hold. We learn to stop giving time to what is urgent and focus on what is important. How will you be remembered? What do you really want to achieve? What relationships will you invest in with the limited time you have in this life?

Without further ado then, complete this “self-written obituary” exercise below. Your focus should be do you want your obituary to be written when you die? 

Take 30 minutes to answer the questions, then read your obituary from end-to-end and ask yourself, “Is this really how I want my life summarized?”  Make the changes based on your review. Next, share the document with someone you trust and who is close to you and let them ask you questions about it. 

Don’t be surprised if the exercise rearranges your priorities and becomes a driving force to align your daily activities with your ultimate goals!


___________________________________________(your full name)


_________________ (your full name) was born in _________________ (town/city) on ___________________ (date of birth), the child of _________________ (Mother’s full name) and _________________ (Father’s full name).  

Those friends and family closest to _________________ (your first name), described her/him as______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
 (describe or list here the most important personal characteristics for which you want to be remembered).

_________________ (your first name) was proudest of several significant achievements in their life________________________________________________________________
 (list here whatever you consider to be significant: college degrees, military service, contributions made to community, businesses you founded, children, grandchildren, etc.).

_________________ (your first name), enjoyed spending time ________________________________________________________________________
(describe here how you want to use your time, not how you are using your time presently).

The one thing that they always wanted to do, but never found time or energy to do was ________________________________________________________________________
 (describe here something that you would love to experience in life, but have been delaying to do).

_________________ (your first name), loved to ___________________________________

(list here things you love  or would love to do, things that bring you to life such as hobbies, leisure activities like travel, visiting the mountains, raising kids, serving others, etc.)

_________________ (your first name) leaves behind many family and friends who loved them. They are survived by________________________________________________________
________________________________________________________________________ (list who would survive and miss you today, their names and their relationship to you, eg “wife” or “daughter.”

_________________ (your first name) In lieu of flowers, the family requests that you consider a donation to _____________________________________________________________
(the charitable organization that most resonates with your life purpose).